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New Clothes for Shannon

Shannon's old clothes are too small so her mom donates them to charity. Shannon is upset at first, but she soon realizes that this is an opportunity to go shopping for some new clothes! With her mom's help, Shannon picks out some new clothes that she loves and feels great in.

Sarah's New Dress

Sarah is happy to find a beautiful dress at a thrift store, despite the teasing she gets from her classmates.

Shannon's Dress

Shannon is sad when her mom dies and she has to move in with her grandparents, but she soon learns to love her new home. She finds an old dress in the attic that belonged to her grandmother and feels closer to her when she wears it. Shannon's grandfather tells her stories about her grandmother, and Shannon begins to feel like she knows her. Shannon is happy in her new home and wears the dress with pride.

Courtney's Fashion Faux Pas

Courtney loves fashion and is always looking for the latest trends. One day, she finds a fabulous new dress and begs her mom to buy it for her. She is excited to wear it to school, but when she gets there, she realizes that everyone is wearing the same dress! She feels embarrassed and self-conscious, but decides to just be confident and rock her own style. In the end, she learns that it's not about what everyone else is wearing, but about how you feel in your own clothes.