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The Three Little Pigs: A Fairy Tale

The Three Little Pigs is a classic fairy tale about three pigs who build houses of straw, sticks, and bricks. When a big bad wolf comes along and blows down the first two houses, the pigs must use their wits and teamwork to defeat the wolf and save their lives. This story teaches important lessons about cooperation and perseverance.

Lily and the Dragon's Adventure

Lily goes on an adventure to find a lost kitten, with the help of a friendly dragon. They eventually find the kitten safe and sound, and Lily learns an important lesson about never giving up.

The Adventures of Princess Aurora and Her Loyal Companion.

Princess Aurora befriends a wounded bird and nurses it back to health. The bird becomes her loyal companion and they go on many adventures together.

The Sleeping Princess and the Handsome Prince

A beautiful princess named Aurora falls asleep after a wicked witch casts a spell on her. A handsome prince comes to her rescue and wakes her with a kiss. They live happily ever after.

The Secret Garden of the Fairies

Lily discovers a secret garden of fairies who teach her the magic of nature.

The Secret Garden Fairy

Sasha befriends a mischievous fairy who lives in a secret garden. The two go on adventures together and the fairy helps Sasha find a place to call home.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks goes for a walk in the forest and finds a house. No one is home, so she goes in. She sits in the first chair and it is too hard. Then she sits in the next chair and it is too soft. Then she sits in the third chair and it is just right. Goldilocks sits in the first bed and it is too hard. Then she sits in the next bed and it is too soft. Then she sits in the third bed and it is just right. But when Goldilocks eats the bears' porridge, she gets caught !

Lily's Magical Kingdom

Lily finds a hidden door in the woods that leads her to a magical kingdom. She goes on adventures and makes new friends.