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Mia and the Secret Garden

Mia is a seven year old who loves adventure. She finds a secret garden and spends her days exploring it and making new friends.

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

The Three Little Pigs build houses out of straw, sticks, and bricks. A big bad wolf comes and blows down the first two houses, but he can't blow down the third house. The pigs are safe inside and the wolf is caught.

Jenna and the Magic Conch Shell

Jenna finds a magic conch shell on the beach and makes a wish. Her parents are turned into dolphins and Jenna is turned into a mermaid. Jenna has to find a way to reverse the spell and save her parents.

Shannon's New Fairy Friend

Shannon is reluctant to move to a new house until she learns it is next to a forest full of magical creatures. She befriends a fairy who introduces her to all the other enchanted creatures who live there . Shannon's wildest dreams have come true.

The Princess and the Dragon

Lizzy is bored at home with her babysitter and begs her to read a book of fairy tales. Lizzy becomes entranced by the story of a princess who is kidnapped by a dragon and imagines herself in the princess's place. When a dragon comes to kidnap her, she is ready to fight back.

Lila's Magical Garden

Lila discovers a magical garden in her backyard and spends every day exploring it and making new friends.

Bambi and the Enchanted Meadow

Liza finds a door to a beautiful meadow where she meets a friendly fawn named Bambi. They explore the meadow, meeting all sorts of new friends along the way. Liza and Bambi have the time of their lives until it's time for Liza to go home. Liza knows that she can always come back to the meadow and her new friends, anytime she wants.

The Secret Garden of Magical Creatures

Sarah discovers a secret garden full of magical creatures, and befriends a dragon who helps her protect it from an evil wizard.