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A Father's Secret

Emily is thrilled to be reunited with her father after her mother's death, but quickly realizes that he is a very different man than she remembers. He is distant and cold, and seems to have no time for her. Emily sets out to learn everything she can about him, and discovers that he has a secret past that he has never told anyone about. She is determined to find out what her father is hiding, and to finally earn his love and approval.

The Hidden World of Emma

Emma is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in a small town in rural Canada after the death of her parents. She meets a girl named Sarah who tells her about a secret passage that leads to a hidden world. Emma is skeptical at first, but decides to go along with Sarah to see if she can find this passage. They eventually find the entrance to the hidden world and Emma is amazed by what she sees. This world is full of magic and wonder, and Emma soon realizes that she may never want to leave.

The Ghost of Emily's Past

Emily is a thirteen year old girl who moves to a small town in post-confederation Canada to live with her aunt and uncle. Emily is a talented musician and quickly becomes the center of the town's social life. However, she also has a dark secret - she can see ghosts. Emily starts helping the ghosts move on to the other side, but when a new ghost arrives in town , she is forced to confront her own dark past.


Shannon moves to Edmonton to start her career as a journalist, but quickly discovers that the city is anything but welcoming. With the help of her new friends, Shannon sets out to uncover the dark secrets that Edmonton is hiding.

Nov 09
Molly and Pierre's Great Canadian Adventure

Thirteen year old Molly, born to a wealthy family, sets out with her friend Pierre, a M├ętis boy, to explore the Canadian wilderness and find her place in the world.

Shannon's Frontier Adventures

Shannon and John work together to save Shannon's farm from foreclosure. Along the way, they have many adventures and learn to work together as a team.

Wenebojo and the Wolf

Wenebojo, a thirteen year old Oji-Cree girl, is separated from her family during a winter storm. She sets out to find her way home, with the help of a wild wolf cub.

Johnnie McLeod's Great Adventure

When eight-year-old Johnnie McLeod sets out on a cross-country adventure with his family, he quickly learns the importance of family, friendship, and always being true to yourself when he becomes the one to save the day.