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Safe and Sound: A Father-Daughter Fishing Adventure

Lizzy and her father go on a fishing adventure, but when a storm hits, they must use their boat to navigate their way back to shore. With the help of their trusty boat , they make it back safe and sound.

Lily and the Desert Island

Lily loves spending time on her grandpa's boat, but one day they get stranded on a deserted island during a storm. Lily is scared at first, but she soon learns that there is nothing to be afraid of. With the help of her grandpa, she builds a shelter and starts a fire. They spend the next few days exploring the island and fishing for food. Lily is sad to leave when the time comes, but she knows she will always have the memories of her time on the desert island.

The Stormy Night Stranded on a Boat

When a sudden storm hits while Luke and his grandpa are out fishing, they're forced to spend the night stranded on their boat. As the waves crash around them and the storm rages on, Luke must find the courage to keep himself and his grandpa safe until morning comes.

Boat in a Storm: A Story of Survival

Jake and his father are stranded on a small island after a storm, and Jake must find a way to get help. With the help of his boat, Jake sets off in search of help , but will he be able to find it before the storm destroys everything?

Lila and the Dolphins: A Story of Hope and Friendship

Lila and her family go boating one day, but a tragic accident claims the lives of Lila's parents. Lila is left alone on the boat, but she's soon rescued by some friendly dolphins. These dolphins help Lila make it back to shore, where she starts a new life.

Shannon And The Captain: A Story Of Love And The Sea

Shannon is reluctant to move from the coast of Maine to upstate New York, but she falls in love with the ocean all over again when she meets Captain Jake, an old fisherman.

Lily's Houseboat Adventure

Lily is a nine-year-old girl who has to move from Arkansas to Florida to live with her dad on a houseboat after her mom dies. Lily finds friends among the other kids who live on the dock and the dolphins who swim in the bay. When a hurricane threatens their home, Lily and her dad have to work together to save the boat and themselves.

Sailing The World With Lily

Nine-year-old Lily is less than thrilled when her parents decide to take a year-long sailing trip around the world. She'll have to leave her friends, her school, and everything she knows behind. But Lily is a brave girl, and she knows that this adventure will be full of new friends, new places, and amazing experiences. She can't wait to explore the world from the deck of her family's boat.