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The Magic of Reading

Lizzy's mom died when she was six, and her dad tried to fill the void by reading to her every night. One night, Lizzy was surprised to find that she could understand the words in her mom's favorite book. From then on, reading became Lizzy's favorite thing to do.

Lila's New Friends

Lila is a shy girl who starts a new school after her parents get divorced. She doesn't make any friends at first, but eventually becomes good friends with a group of girls. They have lots of adventures together and Lila finally feels like she belongs.

Lily's First Steps Into Reading

Lily starts her journey into reading with a little bit of help from her family and friends. She is soon able to start reading on her own and is excited about her new skill.

The Mystery of Shepherdstown

Nine-year-old Shannon spends the summer in Shepherdstown with her grandpa and quickly discovers that the small town is full of surprises. She meets a mysterious boy who seems to be following her and sets out to discover his identity. Shannon soon learns that Shepherdstown is hiding a big secret.

Lizzy's Search for Emma

Lizzy spends her Saturday morning searching for her best friend, Emma. She looks all around her neighborhood and finally finds her at the park playing with her new puppy.

Jasper and Lily's Neighborhood Adventures

Lily is a young girl who just moved to a new town. She meets a friendly neighborhood cat named Jasper who helps her explore her new town and make new friends.

Lizzy and the Magic Key

Lizzy finds an old, rusty key in the park and sets out to find what it unlocks with the help of her new friend, a fairy named Tinkerbell. Along the way, she learns that friendship is the most powerful magic of all.

The Basics Of Surfing: What You Need To Know To Get Started

If you're interested in learning how to surf, this article covers the basics of what you need to know to get started. Surfing equipment includes a surfboard, leash, and wax. The best places to learn how to surf are at a surf school or with a friend who can teach you. Surfing tips for beginners include practicing on a soft board first, using the right surfboard , and paddling out beyond the break. The most common surfing mistakes beginners make are not paddling out far enough, not popping up quickly enough, and not keeping their arms straight. To overcome the fear of surfing, it helps to start small by surfing in waist-high water and gradually work your way up to bigger waves.

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