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Lizzy and the Bear Cub

Lizzy gets lost in the woods following a bear cub, but she is eventually able to find her way back to camp by following the sound of the cub's mother.

Toad's City Adventures

Toad moves from the forest to the city, where he befriends a frog and learns to love his new home.

cat with powers

The article discusses the various stages of life on Earth, from the first evidence of life to the appearance of Homo sapiens. It also briefly covers the average lifespan of a human.

The Girl, the Dog, and the Missing People

A young girl and her dog move to a new house, only to find that it's abandoned. They set out to explore the area and find out what happened to the people who were supposed to be there.

Mufasa's Pride

Mufasa is the king of the Pride Lands and a loving father to his son Simba. When Simba grows up and becomes curious about the world outside the Pride Lands, Muf asa is forced to confront his own fears and protect his son from the dangers that exist beyond the Pride Lands.

Lassie: The Golden Retriever Who Saved the Farm

Lassie is a young golden retriever who is taken in by a family of farmers. She quickly becomes a loyal and trusted friend to the family, helping them with their farm chores. But when the family's farm is threatened by a large corporation, Lassie must use all of her cunning and courage to save the day.

Lenny the Lamb and the Great Adventure

Lenny the lamb is the runt of the litter. When the other lambs start to make fun of him, Lenny runs away. Along the way, he meets a lot of different animals, but none of them want to be friends with him. Just when Lenny is about to give up, he meets a little rabbit named Lily. Lily shows him that being different can be a good thing.

Shannon and the Cows

Shannon and her family move from the city to a farm, and Shannon falls in love with the cows. She spends her days helping with chores and caring for the cows, and even gives them names. When her family moves again, Shannon is heartbroken but takes comfort in knowing the cows will always be in her heart.