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Jenna and the Magic Conch Shell

Jenna finds a magic conch shell on the beach and makes a wish. Her parents are turned into dolphins and Jenna is turned into a mermaid. Jenna has to find a way to reverse the spell and save her parents.

Zipper's Great Adventure

Zipper is a dog who loves to play and have adventures. When his family goes on vacation and leaves him behind, he runs away and meets a cat named Snickers. They travel through the city, meeting new friends and having lots of fun. But when Zipper's family comes back from vacation, he has to go home.

Liza and the Lost City

Liza sets out to find a lost city deep in the jungle, overcoming obstacles and making new friends along the way.

The Lemonade Stand Kids

The elementary school's roof starts leaking, so the school board decides to close the school for repairs. The students are thrilled at first, but soon realize that their parents can't afford to keep them entertained all day. They come up with a plan to raise money to pay for the repairs themselves. With the help of their teacher, they set up a lemonade stand and bake sale. They also do some extra chores around the neighborhood to earn money. In the end, they are able to raise enough money to repair the roof and even have some left over for new playground equipment.

Sarah's Big Adventure

Sarah embarks on a big adventure when she finds a magical book in her attic. She meets friendly animals and learns important life lessons along the way.

Timmy And The Secret World

Timmy finds a key that unlocks a door to a secret world where he has all kinds of adventures.

Lost In The Woods: A Scout's Story

Scout is a 12 year old girl who gets lost in the woods while on a camping trip with her family. With only her dog by her side, she has to find her way back home while bravely facing the dangers of the wilderness. She learns what it means to be truly brave and discovers a strength she never knew she had.

Timmy's Nighttime Battle

Timmy is a six-year-old boy who loves to adventure. One night, he hears a noise outside and finds a giant creature trying to break into his house. Timmy rallies his toy army and leads them into battle against the creature. They win and Timmy is a hero.